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The catamaran for its own character offers considerable comfort and above all unrivalled stability also with choppy waters. These features make it the ideal means of transportation to move through Caribbean. The presence of two combined hulls ensures less pitch and roll: it means that it will be hard you will suffer from seasickness.

The limited draft, without prominent drifts, gives the possibility to move in complete safety among the marvellous coral reefs; with a catamaran you can reach coves and natural harbours otherwise unreachable.

Stay in a catamaran means that you can go through the incomparable pleasure to move thanks to the wind, always good in these islands. But at the same time enjoy spaces and liveability usually prerogative of big yachts.

Between the two hulls there is a very spacious dinette with large sofas, a convivial table and a well equipped kitchen.

Inside the two hulls there are spacious double cabins combined with comfortable toilets, guaranteeing the privacy that often you can’t enjoy on motorboats. In the bow there is a net that can be used as solarium while in the stern there is the square, liveable all day long.

The boat has to be chosen according to the number of people you want on board and above all to the level of privacy you desire.

A family or a group of friend will choose a smaller boat with shared toilets, a group of couples will prefer a catamaran with en suite toilet in each cabin.

A larger catamaran benefit from a water desalinator (the device that transforms salt water into fresh water for the shower) and a bigger water reserve: it gives the opportunity to stay more time into the sea without docking in a harbour to find water. In Antilles there are not many harbours, like in the Mediterranean Sea. Often you moor in a natural harbour and reach the land with a rubber dinghy. For this reason it is important to choose a catamaran with a fresh water reserve suitable to the number of guests.
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